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Who I Am

Prof. Varsha Jain is a global scholar of the digital age who works in the area of integrated marketing communications, primarily focusing on advertising, branding and consumer behavior.

Area of Interest: integrated marketing communication, political branding, luxury branding, place branding, destination branding, digital branding, digital natives, digital advertising and qualitative marketing research.

Publications: She has more than 120 publications in various categories such as A*, A journals, books, cases, book chapters and so on.
here we can categorize the publications here as CB, branding, and advertising.

Global Affiliations

Editorial Review Board Member: Journal of Advertising Research (ABDC - A), USA

International Advisory Board Member: Convergence 2020 - AIM-Parasuraman Centre for Service Excellence

Chairperson, AIM-Sheth Foundation Research Proposal with Grant

Visiting Guest: Goizueta Business School, Emory University, USA

Visiting Scholar: Medill School, Northwestern University, USA

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My Research

From Theory to Reality


Journal Papers

  • Problematizing the presentation and reception of political brands: Link (ABDC- A* Paper)

  • Developing an emic scale to measure ad-evoked nostalgia in a collectivist emerging market, India: Link (ABDC - A Paper)

Consumer Behavior : A Digital Native

  1. Opening and closing case studies in each chapter bring to light how major brands are embracing technology and connectivity to ease digital natives in their buying process.

  2. Detailed explanations on how the perceptions of consumers are developed through the five senses. The book further explains their persuasive nature in the digital environment.

  3. Detailed discussions on the influence of omnichannel on consumer behavior across various products, categories and services.


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02717-308250 Ext (165)

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